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Smirnov Timofey. Biography

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1980 Was born in Moscow

2004 Graduate from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov

2004 The Member of Moscow Artists' Union of Russian Federation

20042005 Foundationer of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation

2008 Is awarded by the Gold medal of Russian Academy of arts for a series of graphic works «Travel round my room»

The candidate of art criticism, has scientific publications.

Lives and works in Moscow

Works are the part of private and corporate collected works in Russia, Great Britain, Spain and United Arab Emirates

Personal exhibitions:

2004 «It is good. Forgotten. Old», Gallery "C'АРТ", Moscow

2006 "Hronotopy", All-Union State Library of the foreign literature, Moscow

2007 «Citations and duplicates. Summer vacations with Timothy Smirnov», Gallery «Fine Art», Moscow

2008 «Citations and duplicates-2», Gallery "Green-Art", Perm

2010 «Contract of the draughtsman», Gallery «Fine Art», Moscow

2011 Gallery «Carre D ’ore», Monaco, France

2011 «Master's of drawings contract», Gallery "Fine Art", Moscow

2011 "Measure of the Value or Crazy money", Gallery "Fine Art", The special program of Moscow Biennale of Moderm Art, Moscow

Some group exhibitions:

2004 "Cosmos-2", the Science and Culture House, Berlin

2004 "Between", the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (ММСA), Moscow.

2004 2-nd Independent drawing biennale, "Manege", St.-Petersburg

2004 «Skill and a youth», Gallery "A-3", Moscow

2004 Project "Art Stage", "Art Manege". Exhibition center "Central Sports Army Club", Moscow

2005 "Memorija", ММСA, Moscow

2005 "Sea Juvenil", Gallery "Fine Art", Moscow

2005 Project "Rusalia", Gallery "Manege", Art-Manege, The Central Ehxibitoan Hall "Manege", Moscow

2006 «Vital space», Hotel "Мariott", Prague

2007 «New Angelary», ММСA, Moscow

2007 "Art-Manege", Gallery "Vista", The Central Ehxibitoan Hall "Manege",Moscow

2007 Projects "Artografy", New Manege, Moscow

2008 "Freedom of the choice", The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow

2008 "Medvedevka", Gallery "C'АРТ", Moscow

2008 «Night in a museum», the New Manege, Moscow

2008 "Migration", 1-st Youth international modern art biennalle, ММСA, Moscow

2008 «Picture. Well. Forgotten. Old», 1-st Youth international modern art biennalle, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2008 «Graphics of old and modern masters», the City museum, Kostroma

2009 «20 years. Frivolous anniversary», Gallery “A-3”, Moscow

2009 «Not hot summer», Gallery "Fine Art", Moscow

2009 Fair «Art-Moscow», the Central House of the Artist, Moscow

2010 « No translations…», the exhibition hall of theatre "Open stage", Moscow

2010 "Self-portrait", Gallery "Fine Art", Moscow, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2010 Fair "Art Moscow", Gallery "Fine Art", Moscow, the Central House of the Artist, Moscow

2011 Fair "Art Moscow", Gallery "Fine Art", Moscow, the Central House of the Artist, Moscow

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