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24 Oct 2009

«Desktop. «War and peace»»
The project is presented by a picturesque triptych where each of pictures simulates, represents a desktop of the computer monitor. As wall-paper of a desktop we see children's portraits of protagonists of the remarkable novel Andrey Bolkonskiy, Natasha Rostova and Pierre Bezuhov "War and peace". Their childish sights are directed in the future which destiny is already known and registered by the author of the novel and is represented by the artist in the form of modern symbols-icons of a desktop. The original reduced screen version of the novel, more precisely to tell it novell-painting, carrying out function big, than, rather than a usual illustration or comiks turns out. In open windows of program Skype fragments ostensibly a chat, dialogue of our heroes of Lev Tolstoy with each other made of citations are visible. Here both crossing of destinies, and a love triangle and psychological dramatic nature of a situation of the compelled parting of one pair with the subsequent formation of the second love pair, and also the certain emphasis on a transient train of bright events in a life of characters of product is placed.

Photo – slide show
Photoproject of S.Golovach which it shows in the form of slide show, includes about 40 black-and-white and colour photos which have been removed in the city of Vitebsk. In pictures the building which has remained up to now in which in 1918 the Vitebsk National art school organised by Marc Chagall has taken places. Within the precincts of this school in 1920 association "Unovis" – CONFIRMATION OF NEW ART has been created, its members – Malevich, Walked, Foams, Lisitsky, Chashnik and others. In room pictures in which lived Malevich and Walked, and also other interiors of this building. The house in which was born and lived Marc Chagall, a tomb of its first teacher who were tragically lost Jury Pena also are reflected in photos of S.Golovach today, now.

Irina Filatova

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"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992. Director - Marina Obraztsova, curator - Irina Filatova. Gallery deals with contemporary art - painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video installations.

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