Vulokh Igor

01 March - 01 March 2001

Catalogue description: languages - Russian, English; Photo portrait of the Artist; 20 colored reproductions; Biography, list of the exhibitions, collections, bibliography; 5 articles, authors - T. Andersen, B. Bode, E. Selina, S. Epikhin, I. Filatova; size - 40 bands, edition - 1000 copies.


on: 05 March 2001

Markovnikov Boris

05 March - 27 March 2001

There are 6 paintings in the center of the exhibition. Background of each work corresponds with the color of spectrum and each painting is placed in the order of colors in rainbow. 


on: 23 April 2001

Arthur Tagirov, Elena Ivanova-Tagirova

23 April - 15 May 2001

The central objects of the photographers are not the "Haute Couture" or casual dress of stylish people but the spirit of the time, image of the fashion, timeless essence of culture that are embodied in the real persons.

Lamanova Natalia, Kholopov Alexander

24 May - 11 June 2001

Project "SEWERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!" by N. Lamanovoy and A. Kholopova was started in April 2000. It's a permanent global network project realizing under the umbrella of Artinfo project. This project unites different worldwide collections of sewer manholes, rainwater grates from all over the World. At the moment circa 90 people from 45 countries have taken part in this project.

Nasonov Arkadiy

12 June - 22 June 2001

The exhibition is dedicated to A. Monastyrskiy and accompanied by the A. Nasonov's poem book illustrated with his photos and drawings.

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