Виноградов Александр, Дубосарский Владимир

25.01 - 25.02.1999

Gorokhovsky Eduard, Maria Shalito

23 June - 12 July 1999


on: 11 August 1999

11 August - 31 August 1999

As usual we organize the common project "Summer Holidays" in the end of the exhibition year. This exhibition became the tradition of the Gallery since 1994. Artists like this project. It has a great success among visitors. Every year the project is different but always bright, funny, spectacular. 

Zvezdochetov Konstantin

17 August - 17 August 1999

Gorokhovsky Eduard

29 September - 16 October 1999

Gallery presents his series of photography as such that is absolutely new stream in his creative activity. E. Gorokhovskiy started to work with it in 1998. He named his art-works as photogramma, but in fact it's a photo collage that combines the elements of live nature as naked female model and artificial elements.

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