17 February - 06 March 2002

The World of A. Kalugin is the Theatre of the absurd, managed by the author. The typical Russian World where Russian man always dreams about future wonderful life.  


on: 10 March 2002

Alekseev Dmitry

10 March - 02 April 2002

Four dominate colors of for painting compositions are red, violet, green and black. Every series consists of three painting. The central one is dedicated to love and sweet erotic. And the two other are still-lifes. Every color expresses the special emotional condition.


on: 11 April 2002

Lagrange Vladimir

11 April - 19 April 2002      


on: 22 April 2002

Pervov Georgiy

22 April - 15 May 2002

23 colored photos of the size 35x40 cm are presented on the exhibition.

Gorokhovsky Eduard

10 June - 02 July 2002

The basis of the Gorokhovskiy's art-works is document, fact. Documentary photo is the object that attracts an attention of many modern artists. Today nobody believes in fantastic dreams typical for previous years.

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