Shorin Dmitry

14 November 2011 - 12 January 2012

"Flowers and airplanes. Human's way must be beautiful! Jet propulsion drives me to you via two and a half absurd night dreams and "light dinner" from vinyl packing. And there is a great amount of Sun shine in the narrow window and there is my unstable "one-to-one" with the eluding chasm, wrapped by furry plaid. You are carried to me by tart insomnia, nervous and tender expectations, but there are a bar, a boarding pass, a parking and the terminal E on your way to me. Person is born and die in the flowers. And every new meeting is a real little birth if every parting is a toy death. Today I come flying at 22.30. You will be behind the glass door with a huge armful of my favorite flowers. The artist Shorin".

26.12.2011 - 15.01.2012

26 декабря 2011 года в Галерее открывается выставка эскизов к проекту "Москва - порт пяти морей",которая будет проходить с 26 декабря 2011 года по 15 января 2012 года.


on: 21 February 2012

Vulokh Igor

23 January - 21 February 2012

Igor Vulokh is a wonderful and extraordinary artist not because he is too famous and his art-works belong to the solid private collections and museums. So why "Comeback"? Last artist's works (graphic series) are dated on 2008. And only in recent time he returned to his work by finishing his old canvases and creating the new ones. The last exhibition of Vulokh took place in ART4.RU museum in 2008. Four personal exhibitions took place in Gallery "Fine Art": two exhibitions in 1997 and two in 2001. The last one "Flourishes of Fire" was organized in common with poet Gennady Aigi and Embassy of Sweden in Moscow. This exhibition was dedicated to 70 anniversary of Swedish poet Tomas Transtremer whose poems was illustrated by Vulokh in his Series of Graphic Illustrations. T. Transtremer participated in the opening of this exhibition. And in 2011 he got the Nobel Prize in the literature. In 1996 Gallery "Fine Art" nominated Igor Vulokh for the State Russian Prize and he became it's nominee. You can look through the I. Vulokh's biography on the site of Gallery "Fine Art"

Drozd Irina

21 March - 25 May 2012

In this project the artist Irina Drozd analyses the people relations in the new reality. Unwittingly we started to live in two different worlds - the real world and the virtual world. And the last one is almost the same as our real life. We make friends there, fall in love , feel animosity, carry on an intrigue, there are virtual robberies, we can visit exhibitions or video shows through the internet. Social networks, chats, Live Journal, web blogs have easy substituted real contacts for virtual ones.


on: 14 September 2012

29 May - 14 September 2012

Anniversary exhibition, participants: Eduard Gorokhovskiy, Dmitriy Shorin, Vladimir Dubosarskiy and Alexandr Vinogradov, Igor Vulokh, Francisco Infante, Valeriy Koshlyakov, Andrey Grositskiy, Igor Shelkovskiy, Sergey Shablavin, Konstantin Zvezdochyotov, Irina Drozd, Anastasiya Kuznetsova-Ruf, Galina Emelina, Ekaterina Belyavskaya, Serge Golovach, Dmitriy Gutov, Lavrentiy Bruni, Thimothy Smirnov, Mariya Shubina, Gor Chakhal, Larisa Rezun-Zvezdochyotova.

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