One Day In Paradise

on: 15 November 2013

Pavel Polyansky

One Day In Paradise

Painting. 18. 11 - 30.12. 2013

"One Day In Paradise" is Polyansky's first solo exhibition at Fine Art , he has participated in group exhibitions of the Gallery before. Pavel Polyansky was born in Moscow in 1980, graduated from The Surikov Art Institute in 2004, did an internship in Germany in 2002 (The State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe).


on: 09 October 2013

Eduard Gorokhovsky
9.10 - 8.11.2013

"I am convinced that art is created by some divine powers by the hands wich are chosed by that divine powers ."

Eduard Gorokhovsky.

Eduard S. Gorokhovsky (12.06.1929 ,Vinnitsa, Ukraine, USSR - 30.06.2004, Frankfurt on Main, Germany) is a classic of Moscow Conceptualism, a pioneer of the domestic photo-based art, participant of more than 220 solo and group exhibitions, his art works are in the collections of museums in Russia and other countries. The exhibition is named after eponymous painting of Gorokhovsky, besides it the other paintings and drawings from various series will be presented.


on: 14 February 2013

Anastasiya Kuznetsova-Ruf

16 January - 14 February 2013

Project "makes viewers think about fleetingness and importance of every moment of life that could be decisive or crucial. We fear to miss something IMPORTANT in our life. Every person has his own "IMPORTANCE" and his own fears. Seeking after the delusive grandiose plans we miss those little moments that are the life itself" says the artist. Seeking to answer eternal questions of viewers "What did the artist want to say?" Anastasiya explains the subjects of her art-works making the emphasis on social and psychological aspects. The heroine of the art-work "All inclusive" blows up with flock of seagulls, but it's impossible.

Smirnov Timofey

18 February - 07 March 2013

"If money is a picture of beauty for humanity it doesn't mean that there are no any other beauty in the world. I protest against thing cult. Painting is not the equivalent of securities. Even though it's a thing it's not a spade. You can do nothing with the painting, it's just for your soul and brain" - proclaims the artist. The catalogue in the size of 24,5x24,5 cm consists of 50 pages with texts and illustrations. There are two series of art-works ("Project NZ" and "Crazy money") published in the catalogue."Project NZ".


on: 30 March 2013

Golovach Serge

11 March - 30 March 2013

Photoartist Serge Golovach whose projects reflect his original views on the problems of corporality, gender relationships, etc. and who is also known by social and charity projects, represents the series of 50 photochromes. The exhibits were chosen by the author from photos that he had made during his journeys in april 2012- january 2013. The artist placed every new photo on Instagram and Facebook for collecting likes and comments. The information about the amount of likes and comments for each photo will be also presented in the exhibition. The gallery downloaded this series of photos on it's account on Facebook so that internet visitors could also like them and participate. If you don't really like a photo, you don't need to put "like" on it.

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