Pavel Plyansky «The Arctic»


7.12.2015 – 9.01.2016

The new Pavel Polyansky’s project includes 12 works and is dedicated to a very fashionable topic, covered in various media, advertising, political shows, etc. That is the Arctic Region. The implements are the canvas and the acrylic, the tool is the brush driven by the artist's hand, the outcome is the work in artistic context. In Polyansky's works muted white color of the Arctic snowy expanse is absorbed by the soft, subtly nuanced gray of the summer air of the Arctic. However, the landscape is not desert. On the contrary, it is filled with flying and wheeled equipment, towers and other technical buildings swishing the sky and working-people bustling on the ground. It would seem that the artist has repeated the world of countless photos of the North development. No, he has not at all! The central figures are polar bears naturally scurrying around, penguins in black tuxedos and, of course, the girls who are the artist’s favorite characters. They are dressed in bikini, busy trying to catch scanty rays of the Arctic sun. The girls are nice; the animals are touching, especially penguins, which clean the territory from plastic cups. This idyll coupled with extraordinary visual expression, elegance and beauty associates with paradise and celestial bliss without religion means, but it is emotional and sensual. Nevertheless, pictures of paradise by Polyansky are pretty flavored with irony. Otherwise, why else the artist has moved the penguins from the South Pole to the North Pole. 



"Ночь с художником"

3.11 с 19.00 до 00.00

Свободные беседы с художником Тимофеем Смирновым на площадке выставки "Московская особая", которая откроется 2 ноября.


Timofey Smirnov

"Moscovskaya osobaya"


2.11- 28.11.2015

            The exhibition is a continuation of the project "Measure of value", which was started by Timofey Smirnov in 2011. Thereat the artist wishing to help humanity to find the measure of really great things which people have made in nonmaterial sphere (in culture, in art) offered utopian "money" as abstract as the money said to by secured by gold reserves. The artist sends in eight almost monochromatic works, but there is yellow color of gold on every canvas. 


Объявляем конкурс!

Мы предлагаем Вам рассказать нам, как вы думаете, почему выставка Дмитрия Шорина в галерее "Файн Арт" называется "2Я", продолжив фразу "2Я - это...", затем прислать нам то, что у вас получилось. Самый оригинальный вариант выберет сам художник и подарит каталог проекта "Праздники" с именным автографом и благодарностью за участие.


The project "2ME" includes eight works. It has its name due to the duality of human nature. If at the first Moscow exhibitions by Dmitry Shorin corporality dominated, then now we can see the world in the view of the artist’s comprehending the philosophical essence of things. Being the exponent of modern consumer society with all the attributes of progress Shorin seems to have created bright sensual world with its natural sexuality, addiction to life and pleasures on his canvases. But at the moment he moves more and more away from his current himself, gradually going to the past. In this project Shorin speaks about the things, which are not comprehended empirically, i.e. creativity. In search of the artist's alter ego let us travel through his works.

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