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27 Feb 2015

Anatoly Brusilovsky. About this...
Drawings, collages. 18+

Artist, sculptor, photographer, jeweler, exhibition curator, writer, collector, designer, the first collage artist in Russia, founder of body-art performance in the art world, society lion and mischievous story-teller, the first Russian Dadaist... This is not a crowd of people, this is one person – Anatoly Brusilovsky.
He arrived to Moscow having one little suitcase and conquered the capital and then the world. Today he presents series of erotic drawings and collages, the artist tells us "about this" – about the beauty of this life in all of its aspects, about crazy fantasies, love and absolute freedom realized in the creative work. This gives us not only ecstatic feelings but also transcends us through the time and space to the eternity.
Brusilovsky had very happy childhood full of love and beauty, he lives his life choosing the bright side of the road – love, admiration, joy, always ready to share this happiness with his family, friends and all people who are open-minded and eager for new impressions.
So, "About this" - it is about the art being free and being free in the art! Pliant and twisting lines shapes dynamic fantasies caught on the paper by the artist, this is like opening a new planet, new microcosm, its own world. Brusilovsky's pictures are sexually revealing and at the same time exquisite and aesthetic.
Men and women are making love with passion and enthusiasm. Hands, legs, bodies are interlacing in the fight that is how lovers are caressing each other. Similar to the Japanese erotic etching of the Edo time, some of the body's parts are exaggerated and genitals are evident to the viewer as in the traditional Chinese erotic graphics.
Faces are blank with only opened mouths on them. Figures are all over in fetters stretched to the pillars, but the sexual energy is so forceful and full of life that breaks lovers free from any limitations and chains. Freedom!
Collages made by the artist seems to be contradictory in its content: on the bottom we see couples enjoying sex (fragments of Chinese etchings) and at the top – the well-known leaders of Communist past. This disposition of the objects reminds the iconography principles where on the top of an icon – scenes in the empyrean, and in the middle – scenes from the people's life. This unbelievable combination creates a cue to the surreal Dada works and on the other side, it shows how it is difficult to comprehend the surreal actions of these collages heroes.
At the exhibition there will be artworks from the series "Zodiac" and "Chinese horoscope". These large scale works on paper are rich in colour, poetic and, of course, erotic. There will be also present works from series "Fetters", some of them were published in the famous anthology "Metropol" (1979).
There is so much said and written about Anatoly Brusilovsky and there is no reason to describe the artist's studio which is in the list of the best houses in the world and his amazing works in different areas of the art. He lives in Cologne and Moscow, works at the famous Gmurzhinska gallery (Switzerland) and remains strongly in the top-list of the 20th century artists.
Every moment of his life he transforms into the art and the art into his living environment. He was and is always free and this exhibition about this!
Irina Filatova

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