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11 Jul 2010

In the heart of this project there are archives of the famous press photographers, the masters of photo art, Marc Riboud (France) and Vladimir Lagrange (Russia). These archives, consisting of seldom thousands of photos, represents the fifties of past century.

Marc Riboud is a so - called "patriarch" of French photography. He was born in Lion in 1923, here also he graduated high school and made his first photo. In 1943 - 1945, when the Second World War came, Riboud became a Gaullist, and after the War, in 1945-1948, he studied engineering in Ecole Centrale. But in 1951 Riboud finally became a free photographer, and in 1952 left Lion for Paris, where he met Henri Cartier - Bresson and Robert Capa and joined "Magnum Photo" Agency. In 1959 Riboud became a vice - president of "Magnum Photo" in Europe, and in 1975-1976 he was its president. In 1966 and 1970 Marc Riboud was twice honoured by receiving the most noble in photography award, Overseas Press Club Award.

Vladimir Lagrange was born in Moscow in 1939. In 1959-1963 he was working in "News Photography" as a press photographer, in 1963-1989 he worked in the magazine "Soviet Union", in 1989-1991 - in magazine "Motherland", in 1991-1995 - in Moscow representative office of French Agency "Sipa - Press". Mainly Lagrange worked in the genre of social and political report. Since 1961 he took part in many different photo exhibitions, competitions, was honoured by many awards, prizes and certificates. In Budapest in 1961 he got a golden medal, in Moscow in 1963 - the bronze one.

The most well - known photo by Marc Riboud, that made him famous, was "The painter on the Eiffel Tower". He made it in 1953, and in the same year it was published in "Life" Magazine. The first publishing of Lagrange was in 1959, the post cards of Krym. These pictures were published not only in soviet papers and magazines, but also in "Freie Welt" , "News Week", "Paris Match" and so on. In 1987 he was one of 100 press photographers who took part in creating a book "One day in life of Soviet Union", that was published in USA.

As a political press photographer Marc Riboud was travelling all over the world, making reports about cultural revolution in China, about war in Vietnam and many others. He also visited Russia, Moscow, twice, in 1960 and 1968. His camera depicted the moments of everyday life of common people, the play of sunbeams, children having fun in the streets of Paris and other cities. The "Soviet Union" Magazine, where Vladimir Lagrange worked, was published for foreign readers. It was a very pompous product, used to demonstrate the excellence of socialist system. The real life of the country was for sure out of this magazine's format. But working in this publication Lagrange was travelling all over the country, making reports about villagers, about working front, personalities of science and culture, social projects and labor feats. At the same time he made photos, that he thought nobody would ever publish: the life of a "small person "in a communal apartment, villages in the middle of nowhere. In spite of the fact that press and art photography have many differences, Marc Riboud and Vladimir Lagrange are both brilliant press photographers and perfect artists. They not even depicted the most important events in life of our planet, but they also reproduced the spirit of the time, emotional and sensual world, created admirable portraits, urban and rural sceneries, genre pictures. These photos are profound, they represent the detailed picture of common life, without glorification, they put a person in the centre of the world , with his destiny, feelings, microcosm in macro world.

"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992.

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"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992. Director - Marina Obraztsova, curator - Irina Filatova. Gallery deals with contemporary art - painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video installations.

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