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22 May 2000

Photobiennale 2000

Authors - Nikolay & Aleksey Polushkin

Photographs - Nadezhda Zaretskaya, Laura Ilyina, Igor Mukhin, Vikentiy Nilin, Nikolay Polushkin

Curator - Irina Filatova

New series of photo by N. & A. Polushkin continue their previous projects with researches of the image of contemporary young man. Their hero is free handsome and sexual. In this project authors penetrate through the deep world of their contemporary by photography. Two projects "Invented summer" and "Cherry orchard" integrated in one exhibition by the common eternal subject of love. It reproduces real reflections on the subject of erotic fantasies and other inner feelings of the heroes.

Characters on the photos are absolutely natural. They don't pose but create the illusion of unearthly romantic love or brutal passion. Events of these two projects take place in the urban space. These are embankments, stairs, decks of water buses, usual entrances. "Cherry orchard" of Polushkins full of verdure and leaves.

Irina Filatova

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