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20 Sep 2002

Artists: Victoria Lomasko, Svetlana Bakushina, Dimitriy Polukeyev, Sergey Serazetinov

Festival organizer: The State center of Contemporary Art

The main criterion of participation is not the age of the participants but the new points of view and new methods, creative supply of energy. "Stop!" - we say to young artists to make them more creative ideas. The question "Who is going?" is addressed to the mature artists on the top of Artistic Olympus. Young generation of contemporary artists is going to become the objective reality in the close future.

Under the umbrella of this festival there will be different exhibitions in the hall "Mansard" in The State center of Contemporary Art, in Moscow galleries.

1. Victoria Lomasko was born in 1978 in Serpukhov, lives and works in Moscow. She proposes the video projects "Objects" (2002, exe, 5 min, 20 sec) addressed to the inhabitants of modern megapolis. It's some kind of virtual walk that we can't make in the reality.

2. Svetlana Bakushina was born in 1979, lives and works in Novosibirsk. Photo-project "Strangeness of ordinary life" (2001-2002) consists of 30 monochrome photos and 1 colored photo, 30x40 cm; consists of 3 series - "Solitude", "Hermaphrodite", "Master and Marguerite". Video-projects (VHS, 7 min) consists of 4 series - "Surprising is near", "Force of gravity", "XX century", "Destiny". The author longs to make people observe themselves, and the works are created to provoke the emotions among the viewers.

3. Dimitriy Polukeev was born in 1971 in Mukachyovo (Trans-Carpathian region), lives and works in Moscow. He presents video-project "Every morning" (2002, DV-PAL, 4 min. 7 sec.). The main object of the video is an observation crowd in the railway station.

4. Sergey Serazetinov was born in 1978, lives and works in Moscow. He presents video-project "Country dreams" (2002, DV-AVI, 1:22 sec), that reflects the world of contradictions.

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